13th APFSSH, 9th APFSHT & 8th APWA Congress (APFSSH 2023)

Prof. Jin Bo Tang

Position: Professor and Chair of the Department of Hand Surgery, Nantong University, China
Categories: Meet the Masters

Dr. Jin Bo Tang, an internationally acclaimed hand surgeon, is currently communications director of International Federation for Surgery of the Hand, the former editor-in-chief of The Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume), and professor, and chair of the Department of Hand Surgery at Nantong University in China. He founded a clinical hand surgery center in Nantong, and also leads an active laboratory, The Hand Surgery Research Center in Nantong, Jiangsu, China. His major research areas include biomechanics and clinical primary flexor tendon repair, wide-awake hand surgery, and basic science of application of molecular therapy and related controlled release system. Dr Tang is a prolific and active investigator. He authored over 200 publications in English in clinical and basic science journals and have 250 publications in Chinese. His work has changed the clinical practice of flexor tendon repairs. He lectured worldwide in major hand surgery congresses. He sits on a number of international committees of hand surgery and is considered one of active and leading hand surgeons internationally.